zen humor - philosophical felines ponder zen

Time for a little zen humor, with some zen cats. Cats spend most of their lives sitting around (well, when they're not sleeping at least) so who better to reflect on the meaning of existence and being than these contemplative kitties?

zen humor

Although not in any shape an introduction to Zen Buddhism, these zen cats might provide you with a few points to ponder. After all cats seem to be the masters of sitting around engaged in not too much at all – and so who better to pause and reflect on life? And so hopefully you’ll find a few simple zen ideas in some of these cartoons.

zen cartoon

Do cats have Buddha nature? - a kitty koan to ponder.

zen quotes

I chose this one because I thought it was worthy of joining other zen quotes, although Pascal wasn’t referring to Buddhism in particular. And who better to learn about sitting in a room quietly from than a cat?

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