zen cats - I sit therefore I purr

Zen cats - sitting...sitting...sitting (OK, some sleeping as well).

zen cats, cat on mat

The cat sat on the mat. Yes, we all know that, but what was it doing while it sat on the mat? Why did it sit on the mat in the first place?

cat-on-mat,cat on mat

With these cats of Zen there is going to be a lot of mat-sitting, feline philosophizing and cats contemplating the meaning of life and also possibly why it is that cats are the only animals that purr.

In Zen the emphasis is on practice: sitting, sitting, sitting, something every cat is very good at - sitting, lying, almost anything to avoid having to move around too much.

A lot of humans could do to slow down a little, do perhaps there is much to learn from the behavior of our pets. We don’t always have to be rushing. Sometimes we should simply sit – and let the world unfold.

Can we learn how to "be Zen" from our cat?

zen cat

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