women wearing boots cartoons

Cartoons featuring women wearing boots.

I do a lot of people watching here in Japan, and enjoy kicking back in coffee shops observing who goes by and what they are wearing. As it's winter at the time of writing, I thought I'd have a look at some winter fashion - so this page is one of the results.

women wearing boots

I made this page while living in Tokyo. Here in Japan boots are pretty much required wearing for the majority of women, and are usually worn with skirts - often short depending on the age of the wearer.

boot cartoon

These are made for walking.....although probably somewhat awkwardly....

woman in boots

and a wallet that was smaller than her ambition...

woman wearing boots


crocodile boots

Of course some materials are no longer so politically correct.

women boots

It's usually a good idea to select footwear that's comfortable for your feet.

women in boots

It can get a little humid in there...

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