Winter Cartoons

Winter Cartoons - some winter weather warmers with these snow cartoons


Snow…some love it…others hate it… Usually age has a factor....


For some it’s an opportunity to have a few days off work or school. Particularly if you live in Britain where they often seem to have the 'wrong type of snow' on the line or some other daft reason to delay a train or two.


However, others are determined to commute no matter what. Yes, braving the elements - some embrace the snow and make the most of conditions.


Some creatures take advantage of the snowy conditions…


And some have to go out in the snow no matter what...


Whereas others find it more difficult to appreciate the season.


Some people even recommend a cold bath in winter… I had a Great Uncle Charlie, who died long before I was born. Evidently he used to bicycle daily to the local pond to take a morning dip, unless the ice was too thick to break, in which case he returned home and took a cold bath instead. They don't make 'em like they used to....stiff-upper lip and all that...


While others make sure to wrap-up warm. The winter season usually produce a few Michelin Man look-a-likes.


Wherever you live here always seems to be someone who is immune the temperatures.


Of course the snow can be a lot of fun and a chance to play around. However, it only last for so long and then you have to wait for another year.

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