Wet Dogs

Wet Dogs - a few dripping doggies feature in these dog cartoons.

Nothing like the smell of a soggy hound to liven up the place....urrgh! it may take you a few moments to get that image, or aroma, out of your head or nostrils.

wet dogs

"When I state the dog is full of love. I've also proved, by actual test, A wet hound is the lovingest." --dog quote by Ogden Nash ...

And of course full of enthusiasm after a quick dip in the nearest pond, stream, hole full of murky water etc.

No poodles in puddles here....

wet dog

Timed to perfection of course, just after the coats have been removed...

I was trying to go for more of a watercolour effect with this one, as I felt that it would enhance the wet theme of the picture.

raining cats and dogs

A noble hound...

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its raining cats and dogs

I'll leave you to ponder over this last one.

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