Wellie Boot Cartoons

Wellie boot cartoons - doodles of puddle jumping, rain dodging and pavement stomping boots.

wellie boot


Because of the theme of this page I have to include the chorus of 'The Wellie Boot Song' by Billy Connelly

If it wasnae for your wellies, where would you be? You'd be in the hospital or infirmary, Cause you would have a dose of the flu or even pluracy, If you didnae have your feet in your wellies!

And no, I'm not going to translate it...

muddy wellies

Here's a thought: If Napoleon had triumphed at the Battle of Waterloo, would everyone now wear Napoleons?


Always popular with countryside-dwellers, wellintons seem to have caught on as something of a fashion accessory in recent years. Here in Tokyo, it has been a particularly big trend. Rainy season hits mainland Japan around June and so numerous new styles will be hitting the streets.

Once usually only seen in black or green, these clod-hoppers can now be found in a huge variety of colors - even a see-through varient!

waders cartoon

A friend of mine in Germany actually saw someone like the person in the above cartoon clomping down the street. Whether it was because of practicality(?), or some bizarre fashion remains to be seen.

wellies cartoon

If you can think of a good caption for the above, or indeed any other cartoon, then please let me know. I am always interested to get ideas from viewers.

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