web cartoonist for hire

Do you need a cartoon for your website?

Web cartoonist for hire!

Do you need a cartoon for your website, blog, or anything else?I can provide cartoon illustrations to suit your needs.

How much does it cost?

Regular cartoons - $20

$20 buys you cartoons like the cartoons below. I can provide them in color or black and white. They feature one or two characters and a simple background.

web cartoonist

cartoon cats

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Detailed cartoons - $50

$50 buys you something a little more complicated, like the cartoon below. These cartoons take a bit longer and I need to consume more coffee while drawing it, so it’s a little more.

web cartoonist

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Special Deals

$100 buys you 6 regular for the price of 5.$120 buys you three detailed.Fancy any other sort of deal? - send me a mail.

-payments can be made via PayPal-I work quickly-I listen carefully to your requirements-I love doing this and would be glad to help youI hope to hear from you soon.Cheers,Rob

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