Rainy Weather Cartoon Pictures

Rainy weather cartoon pics - good for ducks and umbrella sales


Having previously drawn some more general pics, I thought I'd focus on some rain-themed ones. I spend a lot of time in coffee shops thinking up ideas and watching the world go by. So one day I was people watching and it was chucking it down with rain, some of these cartoons resulted.

rain cartoons

Recently I've been experimenting by putting less detail in the background and also softening the colors used. My idea is to focus attention more on the main gag.

rain cartoon

I haven't as yet thought of a drawing to go with the idiom: "It never rains but it pours". If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear from you.

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I got the idea for the above picture when walking through Shibuya in central Tokyo. There is a big intersection, near the statue of the dog Hachiko - who you may have heard of. When the lights go green, people spill onto the crossing from several different directions and you have to dodge a bit to make your way across. When it rains you also have to contend with hundreds of umbrellas all jostling about.

cartoon rain

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