Vintage Cartoons

With these vintage cartoons I'll be focusing on the period 1900 - 1930. I've always been interested in this period of history, especially the wonderful ocean liners, the early flying machines, and the great record attempting cars such as the one featured below.

vintage cartoons

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I've always had a fascination with the Land Speed Record - the quest to become the fastest man on land. I'm particularly interested in the earlier cars and the heroic men who hurtled down beaches trying to set a record. The car in the above cartoon is based on the Sunbeam Silver Bullet of 1930. The Silver Bullet was built by Sunbeam in Wolverhampton, England, and driven by Kaye Don - a leading racing driver of the time. The team made their record attempt on Daytona Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, the team was beset by problems and they never managed to get close to the record.


Driver Kaye Don posing by the Silver Bullet, Daytona Beach 1930.

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