Valentine Humor

Time for a little Valentine humor with some some valentine cartoons.

Ahh! it’s that time of year again, when people in offices pause between coffee breaks to ponder, ‘I wonder if any of this motley lot are going to send me a Valentine Day card this year. Yes, it’s one of those times of the year when we allow ourselves to drift off into pleasant fantasies of secret admirers, expensive gifts, and surprise dates.

office valentine humor

Who knows who might be your secret admirer, snatching furtive glances at coffee area, casually enquiring about your 'availability', and installing surveillance equipment in your filing cabinet.

Having said that, colleagues don't actually get that much love, as consumers spend way more on friends, classmates and teachers than they do on coworkers.

Pets do pretty well out of Valentines day, and in the US more than nine million pet owners are expected to buy gifts for their pet.

valentine humour

Just in time for Valentine's Day! announcing...

A Fistful of Roses - cartoon book

cartoons about dating, relating, and the lottery of love

A collection of cartoons about dodgy fates, semi-fatal attractions, and puzzling presents.

A Fistful of Roses features fifty cartoons about those awkward moments, strange encounters, and 'interesting' people we may have met while on a date or romantic evening.

Also included in the book are an extra fifty cat cartoons, and a further fifty dog cartoons, making a grand total of 150 cartoons.

Instant download available now - just in time for Feb. 14th!


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Seven out of ten cats responded to a survey saying that they were considering leaving a dead mouse on the doorstep as a sign of affection; but it depended on whether they could be bothered or not.

valentines day humor

53% of women in America said that they would dump their boyfriend if they didn't receive anything on Valentine's Day. 50% of men said that they were thinking it over.

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