Valentine Cartoons

Valentine Cartoons - close encounters of the romantic kind

The subject of dating, relationships, and all things concerned with love is ripe for ideas to be turned into cartoons. Mind you, after a couple of coffees almost any topic seems to be full of comic possibilities.

Of course none of these situations are in any way based on any of my own experiences....honestly...

valentine cartoons

The wrong time for things to wilt...

funny cartoon valentine

valentine day cartoons

Just in time for Valentine's Day! announcing...

A Fistful of Roses - cartoon book

cartoons about dating, relating, and the lottery of love

A collection of cartoons about dodgy fates, semi-fatal attractions, and puzzling presents.

A Fistful of Roses features fifty cartoons about those awkward moments, strange encounters, and 'interesting' people we may have met while on a date or romantic evening.

Also included in the book are an extra fifty cat cartoons, and a further fifty dog cartoons, making a grand total of 150 cartoons.

Instant download available now - just in time for Feb. 14th!


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