Turtle Cartoons

Turtle Cartoons - take it slow and easy with these cartoon turtles.

I first thought about drawing turtles when I was pondering the classic race between the tortoise and the hare. Yes I know that it's specifically a tortoise rather than a turtle but it got me thinking about playing around with that story for some ideas for cartoons.

turtle cartoon

I drew the bubble car that features in the first cartoon to accompany a Jaguar E-type in another cartoon. I wanted a car to contrast with the fast moving Jag and the bubble car seemed ideal. After finishing that particular cartoon I seemed to recall an article in a car magazine from years ago about someone who had installed a big engine in a bubble car for a laugh and the author of the article speculated that if the driver revved too hard, the bubble might flip over and burst. Well I played around with that thought and then imagined the bubble car upside down and thought 'hey! let's put a turtle in there!' This is one of the things that I love about cartooning - connecting seemingly random objects.

Recently I've been drawing a lot of Greyhounds and one theme that keeps popping up is that of Greyhounds chasing a rabbit. I kept thinking of more and more interesting ways that the hounds could be involved in the pursuit and for this one decided to slow it all down somewhat by mounting them on turtles.

cartoon turtles

And now going back to the idea that started it all, the race between the tortoise and the hare. This time with an intervening Greyhound.

Thinking ahead to future cartoons, I can imagine rocket-powered turtles, something about the universe being contained on the back of a turtle, comparisons to army helmets. and so on. Sometimes it's just a case of having a coffee and sitting down with a bit of music playing in the background and suddenly the ideas flow.

tortoise hare cartoons

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