Tortoiseshell Cat Cartoons

By Rob Middleton

Here are a few cartoons of the tri-colored cats.

Tortoiseshell cats are known as calico cats in North America. Still doesn't look like a tortoise to me.....mind you, they are pretty.

tortoiseshell cat

A friend of mine used to have a tortoiseshell cat that was rather find of eating vegetables. He didn't mind the cat getting it's daily fix of greens, but he did mind that the cat would only touch the greenery after fishing it out of the bucket that food scraps were put into. If you offered the cat veggies on a plate, it would turn it's nose up at them, but once thrown out...maybe it was the thrill of the scavenge...

One thing that is unusual about tortoiseshells is the fact that they are nearly all female.

tortoiseshell cat pictures

'Like scientists, cats love their privacy. When you see a bump under the blankets that signifies your cat seeking solitude, simply courtesy demands that you leave the room. Obviously, your co-dependency is so advanced that you think your cat needs you to help him manage the time he spends away from you. To you, intimacy means control, and your cat is doing everything in its power to free itself from your manipulation. You sense this, and it terrifies you to think that you might have to learn to spend some time alone, as your cat is doing. Your cat has a life. Don't you think that it's time you got one as well?'
-Dr. Science
tortoiseshell cat breed

tortoiseshell cats

pictures of tortoiseshell cats
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