Tokyo street fashion - Cartoons of Japanese shoes hitting the streets of Tokyo

On this page I’ll be taking a look at some Tokyo street fashion, in particular focusing on shoes.

You may have heard of Japanese fashion designers such as Issey Miyake, or have seen some report on ‘wacky’ Japanese teen fashion; but have probably never ventured over to Japan to check it out for yourself.

tokyo street fashion

Japanese fashion magazines dictate what people have to wear, and are often more akin to shopping catalogues than fashion magazines you may be used to in other countries. With the combination of such fashion magazine and popular celebrities sporting new fashions, trends can spread like wild fire.

japanese shoes

In winter boots are very popular and you can see women wearing boots everywhere. The boots and short skirt look is an endearing favorite despite whatever the weather might be up to.

women wearing boots

In recent years rain boots have become very popular on wet days, and you can see a wide variety of colourful styles. The only problem with wearing rubber boots for a long time is that they too tend to get a little sweaty on the inside…

Geta, wooden platform shoes designed to elevate the wearer’s feet above the puddles, are a more traditional Japanese fashion which are now harder to spot. You can still occasionally see them on a rainy day.

women in boots

Japanese male shoe fashions tend to be a lot more conservative, however recently pointy-toed shoes have become quite popular.

japanese man shoes

For the average office worker, or salary-man as they put it here, the black slip-on shoes remain the staple.

japanese mens shoes

Female office workers often have to wear quite plain shoes at work to, but at least get to dress up and flaunt their footwear on their commute into work.

tokyo shoes

Some young women find it somewhat difficult to attain the correct ‘lady-like’ grace while walking, and unfortunately – the pigeon-toed look can still be seen. Up the northern island of Japan, things are made even more awkward by the weather – adding ice to create slithery-slidey catwalks to be perilously navigated.

japanese woman shoes

That's it for now from the sidewalk-catwalks of Tokyo, hope you enjoyed this brief collection of Tokyo street fashion.

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