the way of zen cats

The way of zen cats - sit quietly on the mat, do nothing.

Who is better at sitting quietly on a mat and doing nothing than a cat?

Perhaps we should observe our pets a lot little more carefully and let part of their being rub off onto us.

the way of zen cats

Living with a cat a cat also makes you ponder who is the master and who is the pet? (cat owners suspect that they already know the answer to this one…..)

What is zen? What is cat?

Is there more to life than taxes and death?Is there more to life than sleeping and eating?

People are sometimes asked ‘are you a cat person or a dog person?’ Why not follow the middle path and be both? Or be neither?

who knows cartoon

Indeed......and can we become comfortable and rest in the unknown?

zen cat haiku

Cat sat on the mat
Sometimes sleeping, sometimes not
Purr breaks silence

simple zen cat cartoon

zen cats - a collection of philosophical felines

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