spot the difference puzzles

On this page is a variant of more traditional spot the difference puzzles, you know the ones that feature a pair of pictures with some differences between them which you have to find.

Perhaps it might be better to call the puzzles on this page 'spot the mistake' puzzles. On each picture below are some deliberate mistakes. Have a look and try and find them.

For the answers please scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

In the cartoon below, try and find the three deliberate mistakes.

spot the difference puzzles

For the more traditional style of post the difference - featuring a pair of pictures - please click below.
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1. It is a rainy day, however in the window the duck is looking out of there is a sun and no rain.

2. The woman on the left of her picture has only three fingers on her left hand.

3. On the right there is a man reading a newspaper. The word 'news' is back-to-front.