Snake Pictures featuring slithering serpents

From cobras to anacondas, here are some cartoon snake pictures.


Rattling rattlesnakes, hooded cobras and anacondas that have a big crush on you will feature in these snake pics.


Stuck in the middle of you...

anaconda snakes

Snake Fact:

The movie Anaconda may have been a little far-fetched (that's putting it mildly) however there was a genus of snake called the Titanoboa which lived around 58 - 60 million years ago. It was estibated to have been between 12 - 15 meters long (40 - 50ft.) How would John Voight have coped with that? What would his leer have been like?


Snake fact #2

Snakes lack exernal ears, so so they don't sway because of the sound of the snake charmer's flute, it's the movement they respond to.


One of nature's great rivalries: snake and mongoose.

When younger I was a big fan of the story 'Rikki Tikki Tavi' from the jungle book. As well as this, I am fascinated by King Cobras - the most intelligent of snakes.


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