Skiing Penguin Cartoons

Skiing penguin cartoons - penguins in peril on the piste feature in these penguin pics.

skiing penguin

Will these fearless flightless fellows take to the ski courses in the same way was they take to the seas - full of grace and power, or will it be more like how they move about on land -a bit wibbly-wobbly?


What goes down must go down....


Well, it's one way of coming to a stop...


Ah, the dream of flight...


Of course there are other ways to take to the slopes...


and here's one of skiing of a different sort...


These cartoons were created during the period 1-3 October 2010. I like the simplicity of the shape of penguins, along with the two-tone colour-scheme. The pictures were originally drawn with a fibre-tip pen, and then scanned. edited and coloured on computer.

Along with many other people, I find that penguins are naturally comical creatures and I'm sure that their upright waddling posture has a lot to do with this. As penguins are naturally upright, maybe it lends them better to situations where they interact with people. (Or maybe it's just because they simply look funny....)

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