Cartoons of Silver Tabby Cats

Pictures of silver tabby cats feature in these cat cartoons.

silver tabby cats

One of the earliest memories I have of cats is receiving a book about cats for either a birthday or a Christmas present; I forget which one. The book was a general guide to cats, the different breeds and also how to care for a pet cat. In the book was a picture of a silver tabby, which perhaps made me want to get a cat of my own.

silver tabby cat

I never did actually get a silver tabby, although we did end up with a couple of brown tabbies and a ginger cat. Of course a few people regard ginger cats as some entirely different species of animal altogether due to their oft ability to be thoroughly up to no good....

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silver tabby kitten

Ah yes! Those big eyes and cute persona that allow you to get away with murder....

silver tabby

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