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shoe cartoons - funny footwear, comical clodhoppers, and barmy boots

shoe cartoons

A page of cartoons that Imelda would be proud of. No blue suede shoes or glass slippers as yet...

Do you know the average number of shoes that a person wears in a lifetime? Me neither, but if you do know please let me know.

If you're a guy, have you ever actually tried wearing a pair of high heels? You may not actually want to do this in public.

shoe cartoon

And a few quotes...

If the shoe fits, it is probably worn out. - Craig Bruce

If the shoe fits, it's too expensive. - Adrienne Gusoff

If the shoe doesn't fit, must we change the foot? - Gloria Steinem

one pair

boot cartoon

shoe shop cartoon

Possible captions received from readers:

"Have you seen my shoes?"

"Were those for me?"

If you can think of a good caption for either the cartoon above, or the one below, let me know. Thanks for any suggestions! send me your ideas!

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