Shoe Cartoon Pictures

Shoe Cartoon Pictures - Here are some further footwear funnies

shoe cartoon

For the above cartoon I decided to reduce the opacity of the paintbrush to produce softer colors for the two racks of shoes that make up the background. I wanted the attention to go to the salesman and the millipede-thingy, so I thought it would be good to mute the colors used for the backdrop.

I had a lot of ideas leftover from the previous page I built on shoes, so I couldn't let them go to waste and decided to make another page.

shoes cartoon


For a lot of my cartoons, I like to keep the backgrounds to a bare minimum, and often leave them out all together, so that I all the attention goes into the characters. I am still experimenting with different backgrounds, as I am with various aspects of my drawing.

cinderella cartoon

If you've got any good ideas for captions for the cartoons above and below, I'd love to hear.

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shoe cartoon

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