Sheltie Art

A little sheltie art with these Shetland Sheepdog cartoons.

There are many different cartoon dogs out there, but so far I haven’t encountered many Sheltie cartoons. After reading about the breed, and finding out about some of its traits, I thought that it would be ideal to feature in a few cartoons. Well as often happens when I discover a new topic, the ideas started to flow and I soon discovered that I had enough to out together an e-book of cartoons featuring Shetland Sheepdogs. Click below to buy the book.

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sheltie art

I have never owned a Sheltie myself, however I do have very fond memories dating way back to when I was in the Cub Scouts (this is the group for boys that precedes the Boy Scouts in the UK) One of the leaders of the Cub Pack had a Shetland Sheepdog called Shep, admittedly not a very original choice of name, but then again our family had various cats called Tabby, Ginger, Jet….you can guess the type of cats they were. Anyhow, I remember accompanying Shep on the odd walk or two, and I can also remember how the then price of buying a Shetland Sheepdog came to a mind-boggling seventy pounds, that’s about $113.

sheltie dogs

While compiling the e-book I bumped into someone from the neighbourhood who just happened to be walking their Sheltie at the time. I thought that this was something of an interesting coincidence, it may well be a case similar to if you buy a red car you certainly start seeing red cars everywhere – but I still think that it was neat timing either way….

sheltie cartoon

This is the first time that I have focused on a specific dog breed, so I’m now curious to see what I can come up with regarding some other well-known breeds, as well as drawing more general dog cartoons.

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shetland sheepdog

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