river monsters - searching for sizable serpents

River Monsters - the search for the giant anaconda!

I got the idea for this cartoon after reading about a father and son team from Northern Ireland, the Warners, who self-financed an expedition to Peru to look for a giant anaconda. While the expedition failed to yield any conclusive evidence, it certainly fired up my imagination, as I've always been interested in cryptozoology...and the chance to draw strange beasties!

river monsters

I thought that this was the perfect subject material for a more detailed type of cartoon. I liked the idea of an expedition in the middle of the rain forest, not managing to spot the critter as it was lurking under their noses the whole time.

I really enjoyed drawing this picture, and have made a separate page detailing how I went about creating it. If you are interested in the process of creating cartoons please click below.

how I drew this cartoon

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