Very Rare Dog Breed Cartoons

Very Rare Dog Breed Cartoons featuring some of the world's rarest and most unusual looking breeds. Here are seven of the most curious canines that you have ever encountered.


The Alaskan Greyhound was bred by a North American dog racing enthusiast so to enable the slim-bodied greyhound to be able to withstand colder climates. By mixing a greyhound with a considerably hairier breed he was able to continue his love of racing without constantly having to worry about the well-being of his dogs. Of course in full winter coat the top speed of the breed is considerably reduced.


The Silver Sender was the result of one man's obsession with wanting to simplify his life and to de-clutter the many things he had managed to accumulate over the years. Over a long period of time his was able to take the natural retrieving instincts of the Golden Retriever and to reverse them, so that the new inclination of the dog was take things away and deposit them someplace else. As the dog looked very similar to more traditional breeds, he also decided to change the colour so as to avoid any confusion.


The German Border Poodle was a result to create the ultimate intelligent dog by combining what are generally regarded as the three smartest dog breeds: The German Shepherd, The Border Collie, and the Poodle. Due to the new breeds super-intelligence, police forces and the military are currently evaluating the dog for future possible use. However they are keen to try and make it a little less conspicuous.

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The Agrasoci (Hindi for calculating) was bred to accompany Indian scholars to provide them with companionship during their long periods of study, and also, as a result of the dogs unusually high intelligence, to provide them with mental simulation. The breed excells at mental challenges and one particular individual developed a new variant on the Queen's gambit. The dog usually has a very gentle nature, however it has been known to chase scholars who are being too vague and evasive in their reasoning.

rare breeds

Due to the popularity of the Dalmation breed, said to be from the Croatian state of Dalmatia, the neighbouring state of Dubrovnik decided to create their own breed to promote their area. The Dubrovniktion is almost identical in stature to the far more common Dalmation, and also shares the other dog's legendary stamina and loyalty. Of course Dubrovnik couldn't have their dog looking the same as their neighbours, and so they decided to go for white spots on an almost black body.


The miniature-miniature chihuahua was the result of a breeding craze that got out of control on an attempt to produce the smallest dog breed. By far the smallest of breeds, and usually dwarfed by the common house mouse, let alone other dogs. The future of this breed is not looking too bright as they do tend to get lost rather easily and their bark is barely audible. So it is likely that the miniature-miniature Chihuahua will continue to remain a truly rare dog breed.


The Bolivian Anaconda Terrier was breed to hunt Anaconda, and other large snakes, in the depths of the Bolivian jungle. An excellent swimmer, this rare dog breed is also known for it's incredible strength relative to it's size. Although possessing almost no fear, the breed has not been terribly successful in it's chosen role, due to it's habit of being swallowed rather frequently...

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