Rare Cat Breeds

Rare Cat Breeds - strange and funny cat cartoons featuring some of the truly lesser known breeds of cat. Most of us are used to the humble moggy, however I'm sure that we have also heard of such fine felines such as the Siamese, Russian Blue, or the Abyssinian. These breeds are commonplace compared to the unusual cats featured in the breeds below.

rare cat breeds

The Coventry Two-Tone.

Hailing from Coventry, England, the two-tone possesses one of the most distinctive and unusual coat patterns of any breed in the cat world.


The Prussian (very) Blue.

Most of you are probably familiar with the Russian blue. The Prussian (very) Blue was created by Baron Von Kittovitz who wanted Prussia to have it’s own unique breed of cat. Von Kittovitz keep breeding Russian blues until he had achieved a deeper coat color - more in line with the blue of Prussian military uniforms of the time.


The Swish.

Created by years of breeding pairs of cats with exceptionally long and bushy tails – the Swish is the end result. The swish is also unique amongst cats in that it swishes it’s tail as a sign of happiness, as in dogs. As a result of which, low-lying household ornaments are in constant danger of being knocked over.


The Brooklyn Spike-Hair.

Possessing very wire-like, short spiky hairs, the spike-hair is a very hardy breed considered to be very street-smart due to years of adapting to live in the big city. It's short needle-like coat doesn't endear itself to frequent petting, and so the Brooklyn has developed quite an independent character.


The Greater Malting Mountain Cat.

Hailing from the mountainous Himilayan Kingdom of Sikkhim. The Greater Malting is a particularly hairy breed, with a multiple laired coat designed to repel the harsh winter weather. Often found in the halls of remote monasteries where it keeps temple busy by leaving a constant trail of hair for them to clean up.


The Newfoundland Water-Cat.

This cat breed was developed by a fisherman in Newfoundland, Canada who for years had kept Newfoundland dogs – famous for their love of water and strong swimming ability. The Water-Cat, as it’s name implies, is perfectly happy in the water, whether it is a nearby stream, or the neighbours pond.


The Labby - the cat that thinks it's a dog.

Truly one of the rarest of rare cat breeds, the Labby is a most peculiar cat in that in resembles a mixture of tabby cat and Labrador Retriever. All speculation abounds, no one is really sure how the Labby originated. An intelligent breed that will take to a lead, bring back game, and possesses a strange meow that sounds more like a bark.

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