Rainy Season Japan

Rainy Season Japan - here are a few cartoons featuring theTsuyu (rainy season).

rainy season japan

The umbrellas come out here at the slightest drop of rain and in Tokyo and the big cities, the streets become a sea of umbrellas. It becomes a bit of a battle to jostle your way along the crowded streets without bumping into someone, well not too much anyway....

rainy season tokyo

Getta are a traditional form of footwear kind of like a cross between clogs and sandals. They are usually seen being worn with kimono.

Getta are designed to keep the feet well above the ground, and thus are sometimes worn in rainy or snowy weather. While they are not worn so much nowadays, who knows when there might be a fashion revival and a modern take might be made on this old design.

rainy day tokyo

Anyone who has spent a day in Japan on a rainy day will have seen the cyclists scooting along, one hand clutching an umbrella, somehow managing to keep control and not crash into anyone.....well usually anyway.......

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