Rain Poems - Splash! and Rain Again?

Rain poems - a couple of rainy day rhymes with these two poems about rain.

rain poems


Walking along one rainy day

I came across a puddle in my way

Not just any old puddle you see

This one was like a miniature sea

And because it looked so vast and deep

I wondered whether I should leap

Or maybe sensibly walk around

This watery monster on the ground

I then remembered when I wasn’t so old

Full of youthful vigor and really bold

A rainy day was a chance for fun

And through many puddles I did run

So caring not if people did stare

I took a run and lept into the air

And dropped into the puddle like a stone

And got instantly soaked right to the bone

For this was the deepest puddle yet

And I landed in it right up to my neck

So if you see a big puddle in your way

Walk around else it might dampen your day

Rain again?

Rain, rain go away

Come again another day

Or even better don’t come back

I’m tired of the wet, cut me some slack

The grey clouds make me feel down

The constant drizzle makes me frown

The wind blows and makes my nose runny

And turns my mind to places sunny

I dream of escape to warmer places

With sunnier weather, and sunnier faces

Where people there wear fewer clothes

And can feel warm sand beneath their toes

Where jumping into the sea won’t give you a shock

Or turn your body into a giant ice block

And the wind doesn’t cut you to the bone

And the constant drizzle doesn’t make folk moan

But for now I trudge off down the street

And try not to think of my wet feet

And as I walk I look around

At all the people in this town

Perhaps dreaming like me of getting away

To some exotic location, they hope, some day

But without a lotto win it’s out of reach

I guess that life is not yet a beach

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