Rabbit Cartoons

Rabbit Cartoons - a little rabbit humor with these funny-bunnies.

No bugs around here, but instead a few cartoons of fellow long-eared earth diggers.

rabbit cartoons

I was drawing a lot of cartoons featuring Greyhounds and so naturally the idea of them chasing rabbits came about. Of course with a cartoons you have a license to change things around a bit and to play with reality, and so are a couple of pics where the tables are turned somewhat.

rabbit cartoon

I originally thought about having the rabbits in the bubble car, with the Greyhounds in hot-pursuit in the Jaguar, but I thought that it was more amusing this way around.

rabbit humor cartoons

The mother of all rabbits...

rabbit humor

I was playing around with idea of rabbits hopping and suddenly the idea of springs came into my head. After putting the springs onto the rabbits feet, I thought why not kit out the Greyhounds as well.

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