Cartoon pictures of Tokyo Japan

Here are a few more cartoon pictures of Tokyo Japan.

pictures of tokyo japan

Mobile phones, or keitais are they are called here, are everywhere, especially when you are walking through a crowded area and suddenly find yourself surrounded by people in an almost zombie-like trance gazing in to the miniature screen as if awaiting instructions.

japanese ol

Japan is slowly moving with the times, but women have got some way to go before they are treated as equals with men. Female office staff are usually referred to as ‘office ladies’ (OLs) and yes, they do often have to pour the tea.

bullet train cartoon

I always thought that the bullet train would look rather good with a shark’s mouth design, so I couldn’t resist drawing this one. The bullet train is called ‘shinkansen’ in Japanese, however the English nick-name seems far more apt as shinkansen simply means ‘new branch line’ - not very cool or sexy a sounding name for one of the world’s fastest trains.

japanese dog

The Shiba-ken is a very popular dog breed which has found fans in other countries as well. The breed is known for it’s intelligence, hardiness, and curly tail.

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