Cartoon pictures of tabby cats

The ever-popular tabby features in these cartoon pictures of tabby cats.

The first cat I ever had, or should I say decided to live with us, was a brown Tabby called 'Whiskers'.

Yes, I know that it’s not a very original name for a cat…but I guess that my family was following the idea of ‘what’s the point in naming an animal if it never comes when you call it….’

pictures of tabby cats

Young Whiskers was an exceedingly bright young cat, the smartest that I've encountered so far. Her only daft moment coming when one day after she had been called for dinner. She raced up the garden and, for some reason, completely forgot where the pond was......

Needless to say, she was not amused....

tabby cat picture

Anyway, Whiskers was a highly intelligent young cat, with a lovely temperament. She was quite happy to move in with the neighbours when we went on holiday and then to return when we also returned. Sadly she disappeared after a year, and we never did work out what had happened to her. It is with still fond memories of my first ever cat that I dedicate this page of Tabby Cat Cartoons to Whiskers.

tabby cats

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