people walking dogs

Here are some cartoons of people walking dogs featuring a collection of handsome hounds and motley mutts being walked by a whole plethora of people.

people and dogs

Walking a dog is a very social activity and gives you the chance to meet with many different people - young and old, and from all walks of life. You also encounter many different dogs, from prize-winning pedigree pooches to Heinz 57s.

people walking dogs

Some people you encounter have more than a passing resemblance to their pet.

dalmation cartoon

Occasionally you will even meet someone who actually goes to the trouble of color-coordinating.

cartoon dog walking

While some choose breeds of dog that seem to compliment their character, others are not so choosy and end up as a somewhat unlikely pairing.

wellies cartoon

Very, very occasionally, you might also bump into someone accompanying some other creature.

man walking a dog

OF course for the dog, it's daily walk is a chance to have a good sniff and catch up with all the goings-on in the neighbourhood. Some dogs are notably sniffier than others...


As well as bring good exercise, dog walking allows you to experience of the beauty of all seasons.


Make sure that your pet is properly behaved and observes correct doggy etiquette when around others.

greyhound pictures

For those who are time-pressed there are available numerous dog walking services. In the future technology my also be able to assist us.

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