Penguin Poems

Penguin Poems - a little potty penguin poetry with the tale of the penguin who wanted to fly.

This tale launches the first of the penguin poems.

The Penguin who wanted to fly

Of all the tales to pass you by

Have you heard the one about the penguin who wanted to fly?

When you think of a bird, your thoughts turn to flight

And a bird that can’t fly somehow doesn’t seem right

So what about birds that don’t leave the ground

To take to the skies and travel around

To get birds eye views and soar to the heights

To travel around, to travel so light?

A penguin can’y fly and last time I heard

The thought of it airborne seems quite absurd

But there was a penguin who decided one day

To make a decision and stand up and say

Well humans they fly despite not having wings

They use airplanes and ‘copters - great technological things

They make their plans and build their machines

And take to the skies to fulfill their dreams

They don’t have feathers, or tails, or beaks

But that doesn’t stop them from soaring to the peaks

So why shouldn’t penguins also take to the air

There’s enough flying machines so come let us share

Lend us a ‘copter, a jumbo jet too

And then we will show you what we can do

But people were mean and thought it was a joke

Give up your flying dreams, give up your hope

You penguins are swimmers and waddle around

You’re not meant to fly - you stay on the ground

But the penguin was determined and suddenly vowed

I’ll prove you wrong and make my species proud

I’ll do something great, to go down in history

I’ll be the world’s first aviator penguin you’ll see

So off he ventured, to plan and plot

To show all the people what he was made of

He worked all day and into the night

Until his machine was ready for flight

But try as he did with all of his might

His first design didn’t seem quite right

The wings were made out of old planks of wood

The engine was old and didn’t function so good

It was all held together with pieces of string

It was a most strange and peculiar thing

The take off didn’t go quite according to plan

As he crashed straight back down with an almighty bang

But the penguin was determined, he didn’t give up easily

for life is pretty tough in the Antarctic sea

And since just an egg he was raised to be tough

And wasn’t to be put off when the going got rough

So back to the drawing board once more he went

And worked harder than ever with a maniacal bent

The next craft was different made from very different plans

It was a rocket plane made from out of old tin cans

The front was pointed and in the rear did lurk

An enormous, explosive, giant firework

The penguin climbed in and lit the touch fuse

He was like a gambler with nothing to lose

The rocket it fired and the craft took off

And up, up it soarer, soon it was aloft

But what goes up it must come down

And soon he plummeted back to the ground

Although battered and bruised, his beak somewhat askew

The penguin said he now knew what he had to do

Building my own plane is not how to go

I’lll ask some experts, I’ll find someone who knows

And luckily for him in the very same town

Was an aviation museum that he looked around

And while looking upon all these vintage craft

He suddenly burst out aloud and laughed

This reminds me of when I was stuck in the zoo

Just sitting around, with nothing to do

Like zoo animals these craft look all so sad

The thought of them sitting here makes me feel mad

Like creatures these planes should be allowed to roam free

A wonderful new idea has just come to me

And so in the night, just before ‘morrow

The penguin snuck in and from the museum did borrow

A splendid, magnificent old flying machine

At he was closer to achieving his dream

And so after dawn, at the break of the day

The craft roared off down the runway

Everything was a blur - it was going so fast

And then suddenly up - airborne at last!

Finally up in the skies the penguins looked down

And looked at the flight museum there in the town

Another great idea came into his mind

A far grander idea, far bigger this time

Only me using this craft seems quite mean

There must be others who are also quite keen

To take to the air, to learn how to fly

There must be others who want to give it a try

And so quite soon the penguins idea came to light

A living, breathing museum of flight

And soon others got to fly, thanks to you know who

The penguin who finally took off and flew!

Well I hope that you enjoyed first, the first of what may be several penguin poems. I certainly had a lot of fun thinking it up. Why penguin poems? Well I'd already made a made about flying penguins and sitting there day fantasising about old flying machine and penguin attempts to get airborne, when I got the idea of a penguins exploits in his attempts to fly. And so penguin poems was hatched.

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