50 Penguin Cartoons - The Penguin Cartoon Book

50 colourful cartoons feature in this Penguin Cartoon Book

A colourful collection of cartoon penguins featuring exploits such as trying to fly, passing time in the snowy wastes, encounters with various other animals.

Yes, a whole plethora of perky penguins up to various Antarctic antics in this colourful collection of cartoon penguins.

penguins cartoon

Penguins are pretty popular cartoon characters but, as far as I know, this is the first collection of pengiun cartoons – all in glorious colour (well there is a fair bit of black and white, as penguins tend to come in that colour scheme…there is also quite a lot of white as it’s the Antarctic…….still there’s quite a splash of colour as well…..)

a penguin cartoon

Brighten your day up with some penguin cartoons!

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penguin cartoons book

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