I draw cartoons - and I'd like to draw for you too.

By Rob Middleton

The examples on this site will give you an example of what draw for your site, newsletter, presentation, or for a birthday gift for someone special.

I can do the drawings based on your idea or brainstorm ideas for you.

The thing about Rob is he is reliable: Reliable to be professional; reliable to be flexible; and reliable to be timely. And his style is uniquely Rob and attractive to his audience.
-Jack Barker (cartoon for party invitation; New Year's Greetings card)

I've been drawing cartoons for a long time. My grandfather used to encourage me by giving me pencils and paper, and there were always plenty of books around the house to get ideas from or to copy.

I produced work for a couple of school and university publications, and occasional birthday cards for friends. Then a couple of years ago I started producing birthday pictures for others, as well as pictures for presentations, websites, all sorts of things.

I love hearing from people when I've managed to capture their idea in cartoon form - especially when it's a picture that portrays a special moment.  I'd like to do the same for you too, so please drop me a mail and tell me how I can help you.



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