mountain cartoon pictures

mountain cartoon pictures - heroic thrills and perilous spills from the peaks and slopes.

mountain cartoon

I first drew this one for my brother's birthday. It was thanks to him that I first got into hill walking, and have subsequently enjoyed a few good walks together.

As for my own climbing, well I've never done any serious mountain climbing. I have enjoyed hill walking, been trekking in Nepal and have climbed Mount Fuji in Japan. I suppose that when I was younger I fancied having a crack at higher, more distant peaks but now prefer a more leisurely approach to outdoor activities.

Still I have a lot of respsect to all those who venture forth for the peaks, and I also have a lot of admiration for the hard-working porters in Nepal who enable so many people to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of Nepal, whether it's trying for a summit or simply trekking around.

cartoon mountain

I was inspired to have a crack at drawing some mountain cartoons after reading the book: 'The ascent of Rum Doodle' by H W Bowman, and which has been described by American writer and humorist Bill Bryson as :The funniest book you have never read.'

The book is an account of the heroic British expedition to climb the world's highiest mountain - the Rum Doodle, standing at 40,000 and a half feet.

I first encountered this book while in Kathmandu, Nepal. I stumbled across the, or rather that should be stumbled into, the Rum Doodle Bar, set up to commemorate this splendid feat of endeavour. Thus intrigued I went to the nearest bookshop to pick-up a copy. I can still remember sitting down to read the book from cover to cover one lazy day in a Kathmandu coffee shop.

cartoon eagle

A situation not commonly covered in guidebooks...

climbing cartoon

Some like to take a minimalist approach to things...

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