Most Popular Cat Names

Most popular cat names - On this page I’ll have a look at some of the most popular cat names in both the UK and the USA.

most popular cat names

My family often didn’t show too much imagination when it came to the naming our cats, and, as in the above cartoon, we did have a ‘Jet’, a ‘Whiskers’, as well as a ‘Ginger’. My father tended to refer to them as ‘cat’, probably working on the theory of ‘what’s the point in giving an animal a name if it never comes when you call it anyway?’

top 10 cat names

A friend of mine came up with a most unusual and playful cat name: Seefor.....well that’s how it sounded, but actually was written C for.... I’ll leave you to fill in the blank.

Okay, so Iet’s have a look at the most popular cat names on both sides of the Atlantic.


In the US, the pet insurer Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) releases an annual ranking of pet names based on it’s customer’s information. In 2010, the most popular cat names were as follows:

1. Max

2. Chloe

3. Bella

4. Oliver

5. Tiger

6. Smokey

7. Tigger

8. Lucy

9. Shadow

10. Angel


In the UK the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals carried out a survey asking 2,000 pet owners about their cats’ names. The most popular names were:

1. Molly

2. Felix

3. Smudge

4. Sooty

5. Tigger

6. Charlie

7. Alfie

8. Oscar

9. Millie

10. Misty

So Molly and Chloe were the most popular girl cat names, with Felix and Max being the number one popular boy cat names.

unusual cat name

famous cat names

Well I’m sure that you all know the cartoon cat names of Garfield and Tom, from Tom and Jerry, but how about Felix the Cat?

Felix was a popular cartoon character from the silent movie era and starred in manic, and often surreal cartoons. I definitely recommend checking out some Felix the Cat Cartoons, nothing quite like them!

funny cat names

And finally, a list of more inventive and funny cat names.

1. Shift

2. Mousetrap

3. Schrodinger

4. Edward Scissorpaws

5. Carwash (from the British cartoon series ‘Willo the Wisp’.

On this page we’ve had a look at the popular, and also sometimes unusual names that we give our cats, but have you ever stepped into the cats paws and considered what they name they might give themselves?

famous cat names

Of course some cat lovers secretly suspect that the cat would only have one name worthy of itself....

cat god

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