Labrador Retriever Christmas Cards

Are you looking for any Labrador Retriever Christmas cards?

 Perhaps you are looking for a unique design for a friend or family member that has a Lab. I can draw an original picture for you featuring a Lab or indeed a caricature of your friend’s dog. I can also include a caricature of your friend as well if you like.


Some Labs are simply happy to greet anyone that comes along.

The pictures on this page will give you an idea of some of the Lab cartoon I have drawn, as it’s the world’s most popular dog breed I’ve drawn quite a few over the last couple of years.

 I produce digital pictures, which you can then print off or attach to a mail to send to someone. I don’t produce actual cards, but I am more than happy to draw an image for you that you can then use as you wish.

 You could spend a lot of time looking around for a card, or searching the web for the right image, or you could let me take care of it for you by drawing an original picture. Maybe you have an in-joke that you want to feature in the cartoon, or perhaps some memorable incident that occurred featuring the Lab, whatever it is I can make sure to personalize the picture for you. Anyone can find an image on the net, but it won’t have the same personal element to it that a custom-drawn picture does.

 I can use a Christmas theme for the image, or something different entirely. As you can see from the examples on this page, I can add other characters as well, whether human or animal.

 The dog could be featured at home or out and about on the streets. It could be doing what comes naturally to Labs or the picture could take on more of a fantasy element to it. Whether realistic or something a bit more out there, I am happy to draw it for you.

Some have got higher priorities on their mind than festive parties.

If you are not quite sure what it is that you are looking for, then I am happy to think up some ideas for you. I have quite an active imagination – especially after a coffee!

So send me a mail and I’ll be happy to discuss your idea further.

I reply promptly.