Japan Humor

Time for some Japan humor with an assortment of cartoons about life in Japan and Tokyo.

I have lived over here for a while now and have had time to soak up many impressions while sipping coffee, watching the whole go by, and generally carrying on with my daily life.

This collection of cartoons were drawn without any captions. Some of these pictures featured in a small Tokyo publication, and so I wanted to produce cartoons that didn’t have to rely on any sort of caption to get the idea across.

Captionless drawings are my favourite form of cartoon and I try to draw these whenever possible.

japan humor

For most on a busy train an empty seat is a dream……..If you are lucky enough to snag a seat it’s common to just settle back and drift off to sleep for the rest of the journey.

tokyo japan pictures

The image many people probably have of Tokyo is it’s pretty darned crowded, whether on the streets or on the trains.

I would like to report that despite the vast number of bodies somehow people manage to get around without regularly bumping into each other. However…..

japan cartoon

Ah….to be able to float above it all…..

rainy day tokyo

Many folks here have become quick adept at peddling along at break-neck speed while juggling an umbrella, mobile phone, cigarette etc. Usually without crashing into another person….

hachiko cartoon

The famous statue of Hachiko the loyal dog in Shibuya, central Tokyo. Hachiko is a popular meeting point for folks in Tokyo.

rainy season tokyo

Trends come and go here at the blink of an eye and are an ever reliant source of possible ideas for cartoons.

I have never taken to Japan Manga, however I think that my cartoons have been influenced by spending so much time over here, I’ve noticed that the eyes of my characters seem to have gotten bigger over the years – similar to many Manga characters.

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