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japan cartoons

Japan Cartoons - some pictures inspired by my time over here.

Oh to get a little space from the crowds...Tokyo is a pretty crowded place at the best of times. Still once you learn to go with the flow, and get to know some quieter places, it gets better.

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A lot of people here work some long hours, so it's common to see folks dozing on the train in the morning, evening and anytime they can catch forty winks.

weak at alcohol

This cartoon is a play on one of favourite examples of Japanese English 'strong at alcohol' meaning someone who can hold a drink or two.

tokyo crows

If you live in Tokyo, you can't help but notice the crows - big, noisy and almost everywhere. Their long, sharp beaks are just the thing to open up garbage bags. The authorities have tried to get rid of them but they're smart creatures and adept at eluding capture.

Been to Japan? Any ideas for a cartoon?

hachiko cartoon

You may have heard of the story of Hachiko, the faithful dog who kept coming to the station to meet his master for years after his master had died. A statue was erected in the dogs honour in Shibuya, central Tokyo - it's a popular meeting spot.


As it's Japan, I had to slip in a Godzilla cartoon...

want to see any more monsters?

I have enjoyed living here for a number of years now, so I'm sure that the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, along with other more serene areas, will continue to give me plenty of inspiration for further cartoons about Japan.

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