Jaguar E-type cartoons

Jaguar E-Type cartoons- cartoons about the classic British sports car.

Here are a couple of cartoons of one of my all-time favourite cars - The Jaguar E-type. I have been hankering after one of these cars for a long time - and expect to do much hankering in the future as well!

jaguar e-type cartoons

I got the idea for this one after looking through the book 'The Jaguar E-Type - A Collectors Guide' by Paul Skilleter. I read that the hood of the early roadsters was sometimes not all that effective and so I thought of this idea of someone enhancing the weather protection of their car.

e-type cartoon

At first I thought about putting the Greyhounds in the E-type and the rabbits in the bubble car, but I thought that it was funnier to switch them around this way. I draw quite a lot of Greyhounds and one of the enduring themes is of them chasing rabbits and hence this cops and robbers cartoon was born.

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