Its raining cats and dogs!

Its raining cats and dogs! - cartoons of pooches being poured on and cats being caught in showers. I hope you enjoy these rainy day cats and dogs.

its raining cats and dogs

As I draw quite a lot of cats and dogs I couldn't resist thinking of some cartoons around this popular idiom, particularly as prior to this page I was doodling around the theme of weather.

There are a few explanations as to the meaning of this saying, however the most likely one dates to 17th/18th century England. Back then the streets were often filthy, and a particularly heavy rain would carry along the the bodies of dead animals and other debris. So the cats and dogs didn't fall from the sky; but the sight of them floating by could have caused this phrase to come about.

raining cats and dogs

rain cats and dogs

wet dog

I tried a slightly different style with the above cartoon. For this one I wanted to keep to my original rough sketch as much as possible, mainly because I wanted the looseness of the sketch to help show the dog shaking itself dry. Rather than use a bucket fill to fill in areas with colour, I painted them in by hand so I could again keep it loose and allow for more movement, a lighter touch, and the feeling of wetness. I hope you like it!


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