how to train your cat

Here is a brief guide on how to train your cat. Throughout history, some brave and inquisitive souls have paused to ponder some thorny questions such as ‘Is it possible for humans to live in space?’, ‘How can we establish world peace?’, and the question posed here: ‘Is it possible to train your cat?’

Of course some people may regard the idea of training a cat as an impossibility, and the idea of cat obedience training as something of an oxymoron. While we appreciate the cats many fine qualities, sometimes it might seem a little frustrating that they always do exactly as they please.

how to train your cat

However there have always been occasional reports of people who have trained their tabby to walk on a lead or have instilled various commands to their Siamese. So might it not work for the average cat? Important note: please don’t inform your cat that you regard him or her as ‘average’ cats, even more so than humans, of course regard themselves as above average…


Of course the first cat training trick is to get the animal to pay attention in the first place (unless of course it is mealtime…) Use a firm, but calm and steady voice.


Start with the basics. Please remember that you should always be patient, the cat is an independent animal by nature after all (and you do have to think of your own blood pressure!)


Perhaps try offering a reward, but remember to slowly wean the animal off the rewards so as not for him to become dependent on them.


You might even be able to find a particularly gifted animal trainer who could offer you some cat training tips. Surely someone out there must have tamed the tabby and mastered the moggy?


Don’t get too down-hearted if all your efforts come to naught. At the end of the day, it’s probably easier for you to answer the question ‘why do you need to train your cat in the first place?’ than to actually figure out the puzzle.


You could always get a dog if you are determined to train something.


After all, you have probably worked out by now who was really training who…

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