House Cleaning Cartoon Pictures

House cleaning cartoon pictures

An illustrated ode to doing the dishes......Ah the flights of fantasy that you drift off into when doing the washing up......

Up on the worktop, piled up high

A mountain of dishes reaching to the sky.

I’ve left it too long, for over a week,

And now there’s no clean dishes off which to eat.

So now it’s time for a final last drink,

before I take the plunge and tackle the sink.

Did I create all this, did I really cook this much?

Or did a gang of people invite themselves to lunch?

So I pour the water, and squirt the liquid in,

and throw the strange moldy things into the bin.

The gunge has welded itself to the plates

Is it permanently fixed, have I left it too late?

house cleaning cartoon

There’s last week’s stew still in the pot

And a salad now evolving into who knows what.

My coffee cup is slowly becoming white,

as I scrub it clean with all my might

My sleeves are damp from all the suds,

and there’s horrible yucky water in both my gloves.

The water has turned a murky grey.

This is a bad way to start the day

I’ve almost finished, I’ve almost won,

there’s just one pot left to be done.

But it’s the pot from hell, the one I let burn

I should have let it soak when will I learn?

dishwashing humor

For fixed to the bottom is a thick black layer

that refuses to budge despite my prayer.

I scrape away but the gunk is really think,

It seems only a laser beam would do the trick

But at last I’ve finished I’ve done my time,

and everything is shiny and free of grime.

The pot bottom now has a real shine.

as I celebrate my feat with a glass of wine

Maybe next time, I’ll strike a deal -

for my friends to do dishes in return for a meal.

A dish washing machine I may yet buy,

or find myself a hunky dishwashing guy!

golden mop

dishwashing suds

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