Hot Air Balloon Cartoon

hot air balloon cartoon - up, up and away!

hot air balloon cartoon

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I got the idea for this cartoon when doing a series of cartoons about Shetland Sheepdogs (aka Shelties). One of the breeds traits is a habit of following their owner everywhere, as someone once put it - they are a velcro dog.

So I started thinking about the dog following it's owner and what lengths it would go to do so. While chewing this over on the train, a woman on the seat opposite me got out a balloon to amuse a nearby child. Hmm! suddenly an idea came to me. A couple of hours later I had a few different balloon related cartoons, including the one you see here.


Modern life can seem so busy, so quick

The pace of it all can make you quite sick

A hundred or more things to do each day

And never enough time to relax, think or play

Wouldn't you just like to take a break?

To savor your life before it's too late

A break from the grind, a break from the crowd

To somewhere more peaceful and not quite so loud

To float along above from it all

And look down and see problems now all so small

To go with the breeze and not always fight

To drop weighty matters and journey so light

Where are the weights that burden us down?

That make us feel anxious, worry and frown

Are some in our heads and not really real?

Have we created the problems we fear?

If so, can we lighten the weight on our mind

To treat ourselves better to be far more kind

To shed some load and float more at ease

To have more quiet, more space and more peace

I hope that you enjoyed this hot air balloon cartoon and accompanying dodgy poem. If you like cats, check out the cat cartoon ebook.

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