Headless Cartoons - cartoons inspired by the work of Douglas Harding

Here are a few Headless Cartoons inspired by the work of Douglas Harding and the Headless Way.

headless cartoon


What do I mean by 'Headless Cartoon'?, maybe you're thinking that there should be a picture of some sort of headless horseman, or perhaps a chicken running around without its noggin.

Headlessness is all about the idea of looking at the world from a first person perspective - a way of directly seeing reality as it is.

Have a look at the pictures and see if they trigger any idea of what I'm referring to.

If you are curious about this idea and would like to explore it further, then I highly recommend clicking on the link before and trying out a few experiments.

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headless anteater

'Headless Anteater'

This was the first one that I came up with, I was brainstorming different animals that had long nose, trunks or something else that could stick out into the picture and the anteater was the first to pop into my mind.

headless way

'Headless Rainy Day'

I draw a lot of dog pictures, so it was only natural that a few dog ideas popped. Animals are usually way much better at living in the moment than humans are, and a lot less self-conscious of themselves in the process.

headless mouse

'Headless Mouse'

If we didn't see our face in a reflection, whether it be in a mirror, shiny surface, or pool of water, would this change how we perceive ourself to be in the world?

headless elephant

'Headless Elephant'

For the some reason I had the idea of a Harold Lloyd type of character pop into being when sketching this cartoons, although he doesn't have a pair of glasses, he does have the characteristic boater hat.

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