Cartoon Greyhound Pics

Cartoon Greyhound Pics - some drawings on the very fastest of hounds.

The Alaskan Greyhound was bred by a North American dog racing enthusiast so to enable the slim-bodied greyhound to be able to withstand colder climates. By mixing a greyhound with a considerably hairier breed he was able to continue his love of racing without constantly having to worry about the well-being of his dogs. Of course in full winter coat the top speed of the breed is considerably reduced.


All that chasing of rabbits, without actually catching one, must surely have some sort of effect further along the line...


A not-quite-as-popular-as-hoped invention from the glorious days of streamlining - The Speed-O-Walker. Perfect for the dog that requires regular and vigorous exercise but perhaps lacking in an equalling vigorous master.


Due to copyright reasons, the Off-White Hound was give this name.


The above cartoon shows the complete array of Greyhounds.

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