Greyhound Cartoons

Greyhound Cartoons - a few fast funnies with the swift sprinting hounds.

I started drawing Greyhounds when a couple of friends of mine bought an Italian miniature Greyhound. I immediately thought that the Greyhound was a cartoon natural, and so I quickly put pen to paper. There's something about the shape of the Greyhound that just says 'go'.

greyhound cartoons

Maybe lacking the stamina of the Ben Hur chariots, at least this one should be quickest around a lap of the Colosseum.

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cartoon greyhound

A common dilemma of pets - ending up with stereotypical names. My family had the same problem when it was naming cats, resulting in the following names being chosen: Jet, Ginger, and Tabbs. I'll leave it to you to guess where the ideas for those names came from. I think that my father's reasoning was what was the point of naming an animal when is never comes when you call it anyway?

I was originally thinking of putting the Greyhounds in the Jaguar in hot pursuit of the rabbits in a bubble car, but I thought it worked far better this way.

The mother of all rabbits...
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I was playing around with a few ideas for rabbits and wanted to do a gag about them hopping. The idea of putting springs on the rabbits feet came to mind, and why should they have all the fun?

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