A poem about giving a cat a bath

Forget extreme sports try giving a cat a bath if you want to risk life and limb...

giving a cat a bath

Some like to parachute from great heights

Or engage in the odd Spanish bullfight

Yes, there are many risky things to do

But there’s one far more hazardous to you

For those who like to tread a dangerous path

How about giving a cat a bath?

For by far your greatest challenge yet

Is enticing your cat to get wet

For no lover of bath tubs is he

And at the first sign of water likely to flee

So if he is to take a dip

You’ll have to use a crafty trick

But be careful when bathing that ball of fur

As it’s liable to turn into an all-out war

For contained within those dainty paws

Are skin-slicing razor sharp kitty claws

So before you start to turn the tap

Remember you might produce a really wildcat

So maybe you should just let him be

And avoid yourself a trip to casualty

Rob Middleton 2011

I live in Tokyo and spend quite a lot of time commuting on the trains. To pass the time I started thinking up verse that could go with the cartoons. My trip to work is about an hour, so I set myself the challenge of trying to come up with the draft verse on the way to work and then to polish it up on the way home.

As well as coming up with a poem to go with the cartoon, I also found that it sparked further ideas for different drawings. Another good side-effect I have found is that it keeps my mind active during the journey and less liable to drop off to sleep. Yes, it is possible to fall asleep while standing up on a crowded Tokyo train. I have always had a habit of nodding in cars or trains, and so I have found myself getting a lot more practice in while living here.

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