Ginger Cats

Ginger Cats - whether you think that gingers are little balls of sun that brighten up the room, or mischievous moggies do doubt up to no good, there should be a cat cartoon here for you. I enjoyed drawing these pictures of ginger tabby cats, so I hope you enjoy them too.

ginger cats

There have been some famous gingers, including Orlando - the Marmalade Cat; The Brain - out of Top Cat; however Garfield is probably the most famous and recognisable.

Someone once asked me whether I got my habit of drawing rather large eyes on cartoon characters as a result of being influenced by Garfield. While I am a fan of Garfield, and used to collect the books when younger, the large eyes can be I think be attributed to the fact that I have spent the lsat few years living in Japan and so have absorbed some of the 'big eye' manga culture. They have definitely gotten bigger over the years.

ginger cat

Anyway, back to the cats.

My father used to have a ginger tabby cat called 'Ginger'. Yes, I know that it's not a very imaginative name for a pet, but my father ended up calling all cats 'cat' or 'puss' anyway, so he wasn't too bothered about it's actual name. I think that he also felt that there was little point in spending too much time naming an animal that will probably choose to ingore you anyway, unless of course it is dinner time.

ginger tabby cat

Winston Churchill owned gingers in his lifetime. Evidently one of the cats, Jock, even got to attend some of the wartime cabinet meetings.

ginger cat cartoon

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