German Shepherd Cartoon

German Shepherd Cartoon - here are a few cartoons featuring the super-smart and strong German Shepherd.

One of my first memories of these dogs was of a police dog called 'Kane' who used to visit our primary school about once a year with his handler. It makes quite a first impression when the dog is pretty much bigger than you!

german shepherd cartoon

Later on I became an elementary school teacher and at times I felt that having a dog prowl around would have been the perfect way to monitor the class - occasionally uttering the odd growl to shut up the talkers, and big enough to seize wandering students by the collar and place them back in their seats. Sadly though I guess that idea would be unacceptable in most institutions...

cartoon pictures of german sheperds

German Shepherds appear a lot in the media but as far as I know haven't had any roles in recent Hollywood movies. Way back when there were two major stars in the form of Rin Tin TIn and Cowboy Roy Roger's dog Bullett.

cartoon german shepherd dog picture

german shepherd mix

It is said that the German Shepherd is the third most intelligent dog breed after the Border Collie and the Poodle.

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